Data Governance

Academics Domain Council

Topics & Initiatives

The Academic data domain council is currently working on:

  • Identifying topics for the council to address
  • Integrating Academic domain data with the new IOS structure

Committee Meetings & Decisions

Nov 2021

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Oct 2021

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Current Academics Domain Stewards and Council Members

Institutional Domain Steward

Phil Reid, Vice Provost, Academic & Student Affairs

Council Leadership

Helen B Garrett, University Registrar and Chief Officer of Enrollment Information Services, Enrollment Management

Sub-domain Stewards

Sub-domain Area Name Title/Org
FERPA Education Records, Enrollment and Academics Helen B Garrett University Registrar and Chief Officer of Enrollment Information Services, Enrollment Management
Student Life data Glenna Chang Associate Vice President, Office of Student Life
Graduate Admissions data Erin Crom Director, Graduate Enrollment Management Services, Graduate School
Student Demographics Stella Kim Core Data Analyst, Grant & Contrat Accounting, UW Finance
Equipment Inventory Office Alice Few Data Analyst, University of Washington Tacoma, Institutional Research
Educational Assessment and Survey Sean Gehrke Director, Office of Educational Assessment, Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Reporting Data Stephanie Harris Institutional Analyst, Office of Planning & Budgeting
Advising and Retention data Michaelann Jundt Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Financial Aid data Kay Lewis Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director of Financial Aid, Enrollment Management
Immigration/International data Kim Lovaas Director, International Student Services, Enrollment Management
Enrollment and Academics data Pamela Lundquist Registrar, University of Washington Bothell, Division of Enrollment Management
Student Accounts data Marisa Martin Interim Director, Student Fiscal Services
Instructional Support data Nate McKee Director, Academic Services, Office of the Provost
Curriculum Management data Tina Miller Senior Associate Registrar and Chief Residency Officer, Enrollment Management
Undergraduate Admissions data Paul Seegert Director of Admissions, Enrollment Management

Subject Matter Experts and Ex-Officio Members

The council will invite and consult a wide range subject-matter experts as needed, including the following regular attendees.

Topic Area Name Title/Org
Financial Aid data Megan Davis Director, Systems and Analysis, Enrollment Management
Undergraduate Admissions data Neal MacCannell Director of Admissions Information & Systems, Enrollment Management
Meta data and Knowledge Navigator data Keith Van Eaton Metadata Manager, Enterprise Reporting & Analytics, UW-IT

Academic Data Domain Council Charge

The Academic data domain council is charged with developing a cohesive approach to stewarding the University’s academic data — an approach that derives the most value from the data while managing risk. Members have a one-year appointment. Read the full charge letter for details.

Shared Resources

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