Data Governance

Finance Data Domain Council

The UW’s finance data domain was the first to launch a domain council in February of 2021. The council is led by a domain council chair with members who are both sub-domain stewards and subject-matter experts. Learn more about the UW’s stewardship model.

Topics & Initiatives

  • Reviewing key Finance terms that need technical and business definitions, logic, and arbitration.
  • Documenting concerns specific to the domain, and cross-domain, as well as possible solutions, to share with the UW Data Governance (UWDG) Operations Committee.
  • Documenting business and technical requirements, as needed, and recommending solutions.

Committee Meetings & Decisions

The team agreed to meet as needed; currently, there are no meetings on the calendar.


Coming soon.

Current Finance Data Domain Stewards and Council Members

The finance data domain, like all UW data domains, is led by an institutional data steward and a data domain council chair, who are members of the Data Governance Steering Committee and Data Governance Operations Committee, respectively. The data domain council is made up of sub-domain stewards and subject-matter experts.

Institutional Domain Steward

Sarah Norris Hall, Vice Provost, Office Planning & Budgeting

Council Leadership

Ann Anderson, Associate Vice President, UW Finance, Chair
Doug Divine, Director, Data Group, Finance, Content Lead
Elise Glassman, Project Manager, Office of Planning & Budgeting, Administrative Support

Sub-domain Stewards

Sub-domain Area Name Title/Org
Accounts Payable
Vendor Management
Kathy Katterhagen Director, Procurement Services, UW Finance
Accounts Receivable
Mark Park Assistant Director, Banking and Accounting Operations
Asset Liablity Management
Cash Management
Chris Malins Associate Vice President, UW Finance Mark Park, Assistant Director, Banking and Accounting Operations, UW Finance
Financial Analysis
Jason Campbell Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Planning and Budgeting
Finance Data Model Dave Beaulieu Senior Accounting Analyst, Financial Reporting, UW Finance
Financial Budgeting
Transactions Related to Payroll
Ginny Montgomery Director, Program Operations, Integrated Service Center
Fixed Assets
General Ledger
Dave Beaulieu Senior Accounting Analyst, Financial Reporting, UW Finance
Grant & Cost Accounting Kirsten DeFries Executive Director, Research Compliance & Operations, UW Finance Controller’s Office

Subject-Matter Experts and Ex-Officio Members

Topic Area Name Title/Org
UW Bothell Segan Jobe Senior Director, Institutional Planning and Budget, UW Bothell
UW Medicine Maureen Broom Enterprise Finance Officer & Associate Vice President, UW Medicine Finance Administration
UW Medicine Lisa Pascuzzi Director, UW Medicine Finance & Budget

Finance Data Domain Council Charge

The Finance data domain council is charged with developing a cohesive approach to stewarding the University’s financial data — an approach that derives the most value from financial data while managing risk. Members have a one-year appointment. Read the full charge letter for details.

Shared Resources for Domain Council Members

Members of the domain council can access relevant resources in a private Teams channel.