Data Governance

Human Resources Domain Council

The UW’s human resources data domain council launched in March of 2021. The council is led by a domain council chair with members who are both sub-domain stewards and subject-matter experts. Learn more about UW’s stewardship model.

Topics & Initiatives

The Human Resources data domain council is currently working on:

  • Mapping business processes for the registering and assessing personal data processing. Learn more.
  • New data analyst security roles for Workday
  • Integrating HR data with the new IOS structure
  • New processes, policies and authorized use agreement for faculty and staff demographic data dashboards

Committee Meetings & Decisions

Nov 2021

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Oct 2021

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Current Human Resources Domain Stewards and Council Members

The human resources data domain, like all UW data domains, is led by an institutional data steward and a data domain council chair, who are members of the Data Governance Steering Committee and Data Governance Operations Committee, respectively. The data domain council is made up of sub-domain stewards and subject-matter experts.

Institutional Domain Steward

Mindy Kornberg, Vice Provost, UW Human Resources

Council Leadership

Rachel Gatlin, Assistant Vice President, UWHR Benefits Analytics and Information Systems, Chair

Sub-domain Stewards

Institutional Domain Steward: Mindy Kornberg, Vice President, Human Resources

Sub-domain Area Name Title/Org
Deductions (including taxes)
Employee Demographics
Pay Components
Staffing Rachel Gatlin Executive Director, HR Benefits, Analytics and Information Systems, Human Resources
Training & Development
Work Authorizations
Workforce Planning
  • Cindy Gregovich, Director, Program Operations, Integrated Service Center; sub-domain steward for Payroll, HR Perspective (also serves on the Finance data domain council)
  • Shelley Kostrinsky, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Office of Academic Personnel; sub-domain steward for Academic HR’s Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EEOAA) sub domain
  • Margaret (Peg) Stuart, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Office of Academic Personnel; sub-domain steward for Academic HR’s non-EEOAA sub domains

Subject Matter Experts

Topic Area Name Title/Org
Hospital HR Data Anne N Jozaitis-Hole Director, Workforce Management Systems, UW Medicine Human Resources
Data Analytics & Reporting Erin Guthrie Assistant Vice Provost, University Analytics and Institutional Research

Domain Council Charge

The human resources data domain council is charged with developing a cohesive approach to stewarding the University’s financial data — an approach that derives the most value from financial data while managing risk. Members have a one-year appointment. Read the full human resources data domain council charge letter for details.

Shared Resources

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