Data Governance

Operational Committee

Data Governance Operational Committee

As part of an update to the UW’s approach to data governance, the Data Governance Operational Committee was charged in 2019 with creating and fostering a best-in-class environment for data management, architecture, and institutional analysis.

The committee includes the six leaders who serve as Data Domain Council Chairs in the UW’s data stewardship model and key stakeholders in data management from across the UW’s three campuses, Continuum College and UW Medicine.

The committee’s charge asks them to work on behalf of the UW as a whole.

The Operational Committee is the first stop for data governance issues. It works closely with the Data Governance Steering Committee and data domain councils. The Operational Committee elevates issues to the Steering Committee, prepares recommendations or analysis to enable that group’s decision-making, and acts on requests from the Steering Committee.

The Operational Committee serves as the UW’s steward for core data and works closely with data domain councils, whose chairs sit on this committee, to triage intake requests and tackle cross-domain issues that affect all domains.

Current Members

  • Ann Nagel, Associate Vice Provost and Institutional Privacy Official, Academic & Student Affairs, chair
  • Ann Anderson, Associate Vice President for Enterprise Services, UW Finance
  • Dori Bloom, Senior Computer Specialist, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Richard Fenger, Assistant Director, Decision Support Services, ORIS, Office of Research
  • Alice Few, Data Analyst, Institutional Research, UW Tacoma
  • Helen Garrett, University Registrar, Enrollment Management
  • Rachel Gatlin, Executive Director for HR Benefits, Analytics & Information Systems, Human Resources
  • Kristine Kenney, Director of Campus Architecture and Planning, and University Landscape Architect, UW Facilities
  • Shelley Kostrinsky, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Academic Personnel
  • Kay Lewis, Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment and Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Enrollment Management
  • Rob McDade, Director of Information Management, UW Information Technology
  • Yanko Fernando Michea, Director, Information and Learning Technologies, College of Education
  • Cindie Murphy, Assistant Director, Data Services, UW Medicine
  • Bart Pietrzak, Director of Enterprise Analytics and Reporting, UW Information Technology
  • Adrian Sinkler, Director, Office of Institutional Research, University of Washington Bothell
  • Daniel Summy, Manager Data Architecture, Office of Planning & Budgeting
  • Joey Viera-Gotay, Workday Security Manager, Integrated Service Center
  • Michael Visaya, Assistant Vice President for Information Management, University Advancement

Ex-officio members

Marisa Nickle, Sr. Director, Strategy & Academic Initiatives, Office of the Provost/Academic & Student Affairs


Visit the Strategy & Initiatives page for a list of current and past topics the committee has addressed.

Meeting Topics and Outcomes

The Data Governance Operational Committee meets monthly with occasional exceptions. Meeting topics and outcomes are listed below. This page will be updated every other month. Last update December 2021.

Jan 2022

  1. IOS (Institutional Org Structure) Updates
    Outcomes: Discussed status, recommendations and next steps, including communications and resources needed to progress at a reasonable pace.
  2. Core Data: Country Codes Standards
    Outcomes: Discussed status and next steps for implementing the new, approved UW standard for Country Codes. Identified a sub-domain steward and process for reviewing updates to the standard.
  3. EDW Retention
    Outcomes: Reviewed proposed use cases for keeping data in the EDW longer than retention schedules and discussed the need for further discovery before decision-making.

Nov 2021

  1. Updates on DG initiatives
    Updates: Improvements to website for transparency, organizational change management planning for shifting from trustee/custodian model to new stewardship approach, intake items
  2. Data Domain council updates
    Updates: Research and Academic domains launching
  3. Location Data Next Steps
    Outcomes: Discussed next steps for DG Steering Committee to determine core data system of record for location data. Members were encouraged to provide input on their systems and business processes related to location data, including UW Medicine, UW FT Program and all data domain councils
  4. EDW Retention
    Outcomes: Discussed the retention period for data in the EDW
  5. Core Data Management Strategy
    Outcomes: DG Operational Committee will begin exploring options for operationalizing a central core data management strategy when core data is in decentralized UW units, services, and systems.
  6. Pronouns
    Outcomes: Endorsed UW-IT’s recommendation and change management approach to implementing pronouns for day to day social interactions provided UW-IT clarifies appropriate use, establishes that retention of pronoun data are transitory, develops clear and concise communication about the purpose and appropriate use, and works with the HR data domain council to address labor union concerns or interests

Oct 2021

  1. Data domain council updates
  2. Membership changes to the committee
  3. Pronouns
    Outcomes: Heard proposal to add self-identified pronouns to select systems. Proposing group captured the committee’s questions around scope, implementation, retention practices, and additional feedback needed.
  4. IOS
    Outcomes: Reviewed domain feedback on IOS impact and resource assessment to draft recommendation for prioritizing resources for DG Steering Committee. Decided that IOS policy-related issues are out of scope for data governance and best addressed by the Executive Office
  5. Location data

Sept 2021

  1. Data domain council updates
  2. Impact and resource assessment for core data topics: IOS and location data
    Outcomes: Drafted initial response to DG Steering Committee request for impact and resource assessments for core data topics, IOS and location data, to be shared with the Steering committee in October

June 2021

  1. Data governance approach to access and roles, considering FT exigencies
    Outcomes: Prepared recommendations for the DG Steering Committee for how to support FT in a timely manner, in a way that’s not FT-centric and identified issues where data governance can provide guidance (e.g., Open Financial Data and Access/Use)
  2. Re-evaluate past decision to allow unrestricted access to financial information
    Outcomes: Discussed access in FAS and EDW to authorized employees in light of Workday Finance and the FDR. Tabled for future consideration
  3. Updates on work in progress
    Updates: DG Steering and Operational committees to be recharged in line with new stewardship model, intake form now live, IOS task force and EDW retention task force progress

May 2021

  1. Data stewardship and domain council updates
    Updates: Advancement domain now launched
  2. Access and roles
    Outcomes: Discussed pros and cons of current state, and ideal future state. Recommended peer benchmarking and summarizing issues for the data governance committees
  3. Transition from former trustee/custodian model to the new data stewardship model
    Outcomes: Discussed transition plan and recommended revisions

April 2021

  1. Data stewardship and domain council updates
    Updates: Domain councils launched (Finance, HR), launching (Advancement, Research), and identifying council chairs (Academics, Property   Space Management)
  2. EDW retention
    Outcomes: Recommended a task force to review and re-assess retention practices
  3. Core Data Management decisions from DG Steering Committee
    Outcomes: Briefed on DG Steering Committee decisions to not pursue a CDM tool now, for the Operational Committee to run point on CDM, and to begin work on priorities at the domain level (e.g., core data inventory, definitions, process)
  4. Core data terms identified by FT
    Outcomes: Assigned the DG Operational Committee with the task of reviewing core data terms and the Finance Data Domain Council the task of reviewing financial data terms proposed by FT
  5. Access and roles
    Outcomes: Discussed data governance and data stewardship role in establishing an overarching philosophy and operational approach to access and roles from a system agnostic perspective

March 2021

  1. Data stewardship and domain council updates
    Updates: Domain councils launched (Finance) and launching (HR, Advancement, Research)
  2. Institutional organization structure update
    Outcomes: Decision to endorse continuation of the working group to work on requirements gathering
  3. EDW retention
    Outcomes: Briefed on the need for review of current retention practices in the EDW

Feb 2021

  1. Updates on in-progress efforts
    Updates: The new UW stewardship model, IOS, and current uses of the historical data map
  2. Intake process
    Outcome: Discussed and provided input on workflow for data governance intake process
  3. Data definitions
    Outcome: Discussed and provided input on workflow for core data and data domain definitions in Knowledge Navigator
  4. Core Data Management
    Outcome: Discussed next steps for core data management.

Jan 2021

  1. New members
    Outcome: Welcome and onboarding of new Institutional Data Domain Stewards as part of the launch of a new approach to UW Data Stewardship
  2. Core Data Management overview
    Outcome: Reviewed and discussed CDM white paper and related next steps
  3. Data stewardship and domain council
    Outcome: Received status updates from domain council chairs. Provided feedback on draft data stewardship and domain councils onboarding materials

Dec 2020

  1. Finance Transformation/Data Governance task force recommendations
    Outcomes: Provided preliminary feedback on recommendations with action item to provide additional feedback on the full report
  2. Enterprise Organization Codes task force recommendations
    Outcomes: Provided preliminary feedback on recommendations with action item to provide additional feedback on the full report

Nov 2020

  1. Steering Committee updates
  2. Data domains
    Outcomes: Finalized an updated list of data domains
  3. Data Stewardship RACI matrix
    Outcomes: Provided preliminary feedback with action item to provide additional feedback online
  4. Discussion of sub-domains
    Outcomes: Recommendations for sub-domain areas for each domain and action item to share with unit teams to gather additional feedback

Sept 2020

  1. Steering Committee updates
  2. Task Force updates
  3. Discussion of data domains
    Outcomes: Recommendations for the definition of a data domain and descriptions of each domain

August 2020

  1. Steering Committee updates
  2. Task Force updates
  3. Data Stewardship
    Outcomes: Endorsed general direction of proposed new stewardship approach and suggested improvements to the model
  4. Discussion of re-envisioning data domains in connection with a new data stewardship model

July 2020

  1. Steering Committee updates
  2. Task Force updates
  3. Data Stewardship – summary of feedback, benchmarking, and proposed model/structure
    Outcomes: Provided preliminary feedback on proposed new stewardship model with action item to provide additional feedback via small focus groups before the August meeting

June 2020

  1. Discussion of data stewardship
    Outcome: Completed and reported out results of small group activity from the last two meetings, finalizing input on future approach to data stewardship
  2. Discussion of Country Code Policy
    Outcome: Discussed feedback and voted to approve the recommended policy change and move forward to implementation and communication phases

May 2020

  1. Steering Committee Updates
  2. Discussion of a draft Roadmap
    Outcome: Adopted an approach to organizational change management and a maturity model, which will be used in data governance projects going forward
  3. Country Code Task Force update
    Outcome: Committee members to review and comment on draft policy and related process
  4. Discussion of data stewardship
    Outcome: Members continued the small group activity from the last meeting, providing input on future approach to data stewardship

April 2020

  1. Discussion of data stewardship
    Outcome: Members discussed a summary of the current and future state of data stewardship based on previous feedback and began a small group activity to recommend ways to improve a sense of institutional ownership of data, and create a common definition of data stewardship with clear roles and responsibilities that set colleagues up for success.

March 2020

  1. Discussion of draft Roadmap and maturity model
    Outcome: Recommendation to examine issues related to master data simultaneously with work on data stewardship
  2. Country Code Task Force update
    Outcome: Discussion of work to date to inform draft policy and technical solutions recommendations
  3. New Task Force updates
    Outcome: Charge letters being drafted for Data Governance/Finance Transformation Task Force, Enterprise Organization Structure Task Force, and Classification of Instructional Programs Task Force

February 2020

  1. Steering Committee Updates
  2. Data Governance Roadmap
    Outcome: Consensus on data governance roadmap with aspirations of tackling more than one topic at a time and recognition of the current resource constraints
  3. Maturity model for major data governance initiatives
    Outcome: Consensus on maturity model the group will use to define current and desired states for data governance initiatives, including recognition that not all efforts will aim to achieve full optimization due to budget or other resource constraints
  4. 4. Re-evaluation of data stewardship (i.e. data trustee and data custodian)
    Outcome: Feedback gathered on current state of UW data stewardship. Recommendation to conduct peer benchmarking on data stewardship models
  5. Task force updates
    Outcome: Country codes—active
    Finance Transformation and data governance intersections—planned
    Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes—planned
    Organizational code structure—planned
  6. Liaison updates
    Outcome: Members shared updates from Computing Directors and the Student Data Council

January 2020

  1. Steering Committee Updates
  2. Intake form and process
    Outcome: Finalized intake form and process
  3. Discussion of planning tools and process for policy, change management, and communications
    Outcome: Developed a standard process and template for organizational change management and communications of major decisions or initiatives
  4. Roadmap prioritization activity
    Outcome: Prioritized list of data governance initiatives to serve as the basis for a roadmap

December 2019

  1. Steering Committee Updates
  2. Intake form and process for raising issues to the data governance committees
    Outcome: Formed a sub-group to refine intake form and process for raising issues to the data governance committees
  3. Roadmap for prioritization of activities the committee’s work
    Outcome: Members asked to rank activities on the draft roadmap before the next meeting
  4. Proposal for a UW standard for country codes
    Outcome: Approved recommendation to adopt a standard for country codes for the UW. Approved formation of a task force for implementation, organizational change management and communication of the new country code standard

November 2019

  1. Steering Committee Updates
  2. Other data-relevant groups
    Outcome: Identified data relevant committees/groups at the UW as well as data governance committee members who are primary liaisons and help create two-way communication between data governance and other data-relevant committees/groups
  3. Hallmarks of successful data governance based on member feedback
    Outcome: Finalized member revisions to draft hallmarks of success and approved sharing it with data governance steering committee for feedback and/or approval
  4. Access and Use Information
    Outcome: Members provided updated access and use information for data governance webpage

October 2019

  1. Introduction: Data governance history, roles and responsibilities at UW
  2. Discussion of draft hallmarks of success for data governance
    Outcome: Feedback provided on draft hallmarks of success
  3. Discussion of intake form and process for raising issues to the data governance committees
    Outcome: Intake form drafted for raising issues to the data governance committees
  4. Discussion of data governance website structure and content
    Outcome: Feedback provided on the data governance website structure and content