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Intake Form

Use this form to submit an issue or request to the data governance committees and related stewardship groups. This form helps ensure:

  • Departments and units articulate their data governance ideas, inquiries, requests, and/or issues in a clear, comprehensive, and concise manner;
  • Data governance committees have consistent, cohesive, and complete information for intaking, evaluating and making informed decision about a request; and
  • Communication and feedback processes are transparent to everyone involved in the process.

Requests will be triaged by the Data Governance Operational Committee for alignment with University priorities, relevance to the Data Governance charge, impact to the UW as a whole, and the workload capacity for the Data Governance Committees and domain councils. Priority issues will be brought to the relevant committees or councils to incorporate into their work.


Use this form for the ideas, inquiries, requests, and/or issues related to the below data governance objectives and tasks:1

  • Data Governance: “[T]he exercise of authority and control (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management of data assets”2
  • Data Architecture and Data Resources: The environments in which data governance, data assembly, and data analysis take place.
  • Data Analysis: The translation of data into actionable information. The identification of analytical needs and the services to address them.
  • Data Management: “[T]he development, execution, and supervision of plans, policies, programs, and practices that deliver, control, protect, and enhance the value of data and information assets throughout their lifecycles.”3
  • Data Stewardship: “Accountability and responsibility for data and processes that ensure effective control and use of data assets… to help an organization get value from its data.”4

Please DO NOT jargon, acronyms, or abbreviations

Please DO NOT use this form to:

  • Request data from a system or warehouse
  • Request access to a system or warehouse
  • Submit a public records request
  • Request the disclosure of data to a third party/contractor/vendor
  • Inquire about information security related controls and practices
  • Inquire about privacy, appropriate use, and/or protection of personal data
  • Others TBD

1 Data Governance Steering Committee and Data Governance Operational Committee Charge Letter
2 Data Management Body of Knowledge
3 Data Management Body of Knowledge
4 Data Management Body of Knowledge

Data Governance Intake Form