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Policies, Standards and Guidelines



The Data Governance Committees take direction and align their activities in support of all relevant UW Information Security and Privacy policies. These policies are published in the UW’s Administrative Policy Statement (APS) system. Relevant policies include:


UW Data Governance structures aim to create data management, access, and usage standards that support existing UW policies involving information security and retention. The UW Institutional Data Management Standard is in support of Security and Privacy Policies and defines foundational principles, roles and responsibilities that govern data management issues at the UW. Relevant standards include:

  • Defined foundational principles, roles and responsibilities that govern data management issues at the UW.
  • Created by the former Data Management Committees (2006-2014).
  • Will be updated by the Data Governance Committees in 2020-2021.

Contact the Data Governance Committees at for more information.

  • Defines the limited circumstances when the University of Washington (UW) will collect and use Social Security Numbers (SSNs);
  • Defines how the UW and its workforce members will store and distribute SSNs to maintain the confidentiality of the numbers; and
  • Requires that the UW contractually require non-UW employees (including vendors) to adhere to this standard when given access to UW-collected SSNs.

See Social Security Number Standard

Contact UW Privacy Office for more information.

Procedures & Guidelines

Procedures and guidelines are approved and published recommendations, advisement, procedure, or outline explaining how University policies or standards should be implemented. The prior data management committee published various procedures and guidelines from 2008 to 2014. These procedures and guidelines are being re-evaluated and will be either updated, referred to another UW committee/group/organization, or retired by the Data Governance Committees.

Recent Updates

Stay tuned! Information will be made available soon.

Planned Updates for 2020-2021

Once the Data Governance Committees update the procedures and guidelines listed below, the information will be made available on this website. Content is out of date and does not meet accessibility requirements in pdf format, thus they are not being republished until both issues are addressed. Contact the Data Governance Committees at for more information on the following.

Number Name/Title
1022 HR/Payroll Data Access for University Advancement, Alumni, and Donor System
1023 HR and Student Data Access for University Library System
1024 HR/Payroll Data Access for Office of Research to fulfill Federal Reporting Requirements
1025 Usage of Departmental and Unit Data on UW Tableau Server
1026 Usage of Tableau Public Server
1028 UW Installation of Tableau Public
1029 Preferred Name Guideline

Referred to Another UW Committee/Group/Organization

The Data Governance Committees referred several procedures and guidelines to other UW committees/groups/organizations to either retire or update and publish on their websites.

Contact Privacy Steering Committee by way of the UW Privacy Office at for more information on the following:

Number Name/Title
1004 Access and Use Agreement
1013 Home Address and Contact Information: Guideline for Access and Use
1019 Classification of UW NetID and Related Identifiers
1027 Safe Aggregation of Personally Identifiable Information

Contact the Enterprise Data Warehouse service at for more information on the following:

Number Name/Title
1014 Application Development Team
1015 Pre-Production Data
1016 Test Account Set-up
1017 Access to EDW Data by Applications
1021 EDW End User Access Review


The below procedures and guidelines were retired because they were out of date or did not apply to multiple data domains or systems, which is the scope and focus of the Data Governance Committees. Contact the Data Governance Committees at for more information on the following:
UW Data Management Procedures Document

Number Name/Title
1001 Data Access Guideline: Institutional Base Salary
1002 Data Access Guideline: Sponsored Program Data
1003 Data Custodian Guidance on Assigning Users to Roles
1005 Expanded Access to Financial Data
1005a Addendum: Expanded Access to Financial Data
1006 Financial Accounting System Reject Report Exemption Request
1008 Institutional Data Guideline for Redundant Data Repositories
1009 Redaction of Social Security Numbers
1010 Encryption of Student ID in OPB Database
1012 Purchasing Data Access Guideline