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Access & Use


Current State

Access and roles to systems and warehouses are managed by the departments or units that are responsible for the system or warehouse. The below summary of systems or warehouses are available for individuals in more than one UW organization to access, provided such access is appropriate for the individual to perform their official job duties for the UW. Please contact the appropriate department or unit to learn about or request access to the system or warehouse.

The EDW is the University of Washington’s central repository for electronically stored institutional data.

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Request access to the EDW

The feature-packed Business Intelligence (BI) Portal is your one-stop catalog, connecting you to UW’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) central reports and visualizations.

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Knowledge Navigator is a web-based metadata repository that allows UW enterprise data users to explore key concepts and definitions from subject areas such as Student, Finance, HR, and Research. KN also visually demonstrates how concepts are related to physical data objects (databases, web services) and business intelligence tools (B.I. Portal, UW Profiles, Data Cubes).

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PDR are a suite of web-based reports developed by Procurement Services. The reports draw data from PAS nightly and JP Morgan Chase PaymentNet once a month.

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UW Profiles is a web-based tool that displays institutional visualizations created using Tableau software. It is designed to provide University leadership (Provost, Deans, Executives, Directors) with longitudinal information about UW. UW Profiles makes it easy to search, filter, and aggregate data at any level of the organization, from campus to colleges, to individual departments and majors.

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Workday is the cloud-based system the University of Washington uses to centralize and standardize human resources and payroll processes across three campuses, the Medical Centers and other off-site facilities.

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Future State

The Data Governance Steering Committee and Operational Committee will evaluate how best to redesign the UW’s access and data management model.