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Topics & Initiatives

Data Governance efforts, topics, and initiatives address the objectives outlined in the Data Governance Steering Committee and Data Governance Operational Committee charge letters.


Last update December 2021.

Data Stewardship

Based on a review of the UW’s former trustee and custodian approach to stewardship, peer benchmarking, and input from data governance committee members and key stakeholders, UW data governance developed and launched an updated approach to data stewardship. Currently, data domain councils are forming to replace the previous trustee and custodian models. Learn more about the UW data stewardship model and data domain councils.

Core Data Management

UW data governance reviewed the current state, benchmarked, and prioritized next steps (pdf) for approaching CDM within the context of UW’s distributed business processes and systems. The near-term focus is on two core data elements key to Finance Transformation: creation of a new Institutional Organization Structure to replace the soon-to-be-retired FinOrg and establishing a system of record for core location data that can be consumed by Workday.

  • Institutional Organization Structure
    Taskforce reviewed the current state and recommended future state processes (pdf) for managing institutional organizational codes. In December 2020, the Data Governance Steering Committee approved all three recommendations related to the creation, mapping, and governance of a new Institutional Organization Structure (IOS) for the UW. Learn more about the current status of IOS work.
  • Location Data
    Time-sensitive requests from Finance Transformation around location data are prompting data governance groups to work with FT colleagues to define the need, assess impacts, and recommend a system of record for core location data.


Data governance is considering a proposal to add self-identified pronouns to select systems once scope, implementation, and retention practices are clarified further and additional feedback gathered.

Finance Transformation/Data Governance

Taskforce identified areas of shared interest and developed recommendations (pdf). Members are currently developing next steps for implementation.

Classification of Instructional Programs

Taskforce addressed the gaps in the current CIP Code assignment, change, and maintenance processes and provided recommendations, which were endorsed by the Data Governance Steering Committee. Members are working on next steps for implementation.

UW standard for country codes

Change management, policy, and communications implementation are underway to support the decision to adopt a UW standard for country codes


New model for data stewardship, launched January 2021
UW data domains and sub-domains, updated November 2020
Intake form and process, launched January 2020
UW standard for country codes, endorsed June 2020
Data Governance approach to organizational change management and a maturity model, adopted May 2020
Data Governance roadmap, developed January 2020 and updated regularly
Data Governance website, launched January 2020
DMC website, moved, archived or retired content from the now-defunct Data Management Committee site, December 2019
Data Governance maturity matrix, baseline completed December 2019
Data Governance hallmarks of success, adopted December 2019

Up Next

Organizational change management: shifting fully to new the stewardship model
Data access and management model: revisiting access provisioning and management guidelines, policies, and processes