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Research Domain Council

Topics & Initiatives

The Research data domain council is currently tackling working on:

  • Kick-off
  • Identifying topics for the council to address
  • Understanding intake process
  • Data Governance and data management principles

Meeting Topics & Outcomes

The last half a year+ we have continued to evolve the RDDC into an established, operational body. We have however not met regularly because of an agreed to pause in order to accommodate the FT Workday implementation. We continue to monitor the following:

  • The Research Terms Vetting Group (RTVG)
  • Core data management development from solutions to data management itself such as Funding entity management and hierarchy management.
  • We are continuing plug into Data Governance topics such as the Data Governance Survey, Information Sessions, Privacy, etc…

Specific RDDC topics we continue to further are:

  • Membership
  • Roadmapping
  • Establish a group repository
  • Continue to operationalize basic aspects of the domain council

Special Topic: The RDDC ratified business rules for the Workday implementation for use of function worktags and related details.

The next meeting is December 2023.

Data quality discussion:

  • Data 101 overview and discussion
  • Metadata development
  • Core data development

Other updates:

  • Core Data Hierarchy Management (CDHM) & Hierarchy for SAGE (“Research”)
  • Institutional Organization Structure (IOS) – Institutional cross-hierarchy solution
  • Funding Entity Core Data Management (FECDM) – Sponsors
  • Function details update in Workday
  • Identity Management Discussion
  • Roadmap and shared resources

  • Onboarding Recap
  • Access and Roles
  • Research Funding
  • Data 101
  • Access and Roles

  • Review Retention and Intake Process
  • Sensitive Data
  • Core and Reference Data Management talk

  • Intake Process
  • Discussion of potential council topics
  • Retention Requirements
  • Sensitive data

  • Domain kick-off
  • Domain kick-off follow-up


Coming soon.

Current Research Domain Stewards and Council Members

Institutional Domain Steward

James Kresl, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Research

Council Leadership

Richard Fenger, Chief Data Strategist for Research, Office of Research


Sub-domain Area Name Title/Org
(Grants Management Lifecycle)
Carol Rhodes Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research
(Grants Management Lifecycle)
Kirsten DeFries Executive Director, Research Compliance & Operations, UW Finance
Management Accounting and Analysis Casey St. Clair Director, Research & Student Accounting
Funding Entity and Customer Core Data Management
(Core and reference data—Funding sponsor management, a shared concern with ADV & FIN domains)
Kimberly Hushebeck Core Data Analyst, Grant & Contract Accounting, UW Finance
Equipment Inventory Office Open Assistant Director, Equipment Inventory Office, UW Finance
Researchers & Research Teams Carole Palmer Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Information School
Research Compliance representation for multiple compliance areas
(Human, Animal, Environmental Health & Safety, others)
Open Assistant Vice Provost for Research Compliance, Office of Research

Subject Matter Experts

The council will invite and consult a wide range of subject-matter experts as needed.

Research Data Domain Council Charge

The Research data domain council is charged with developing a cohesive approach to stewarding the University’s research data — an approach that derives the most value from research data while managing risk. Members have a one-year appointment. Read the full charge letter for details.

Shared Resources

Coming soon.